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China-Africa Partnership:The Quest for a Win-Win Relationship

China-Africa Partnership: The Quest for a Win-Win Relationship

This book intends to give an update on China-Africa relations in the fields of trade, development, peace, security and cultural exchanges. Learn More...

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China-Africa Partnership: The Quest for a Win-Win Relationship
China-Africa China-Africa Partnership: The Quest for a Win-Win Relationship by James Shikwati (Editor)
Paperback - 229 pages
Published 01st November, 2012

This book intends to give an update on China-Africa relations in the fields of trade, development, peace and security and cultural exchanges. It brings together various points of view from scholars and thought leaders from both China and Africa with the objective of contributing towards the discourse on China - Africa relationship and its meaning for Africa, China and the world.

As Africans grapple with the challenges of state formation, poverty amidst great concentration of geological resources and the quest for positive participation in the global arena; they find China’s status as the most influential developing country in the world attractive. Will China’s entry into Africa be any different from the traditional model where powerful nations have exploited the continent’s natural resources? Can Africans jointly with the Chinese craft a win-win strategy in their cooperation?

China and Africa evolved the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) as a key platform to drive their relationship. The 4th Ministerial Conference of the FOCAC 2009 resolved to implement a China-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Programme to enable the academia and think tank leaders to share ideas, exchange advice and share suggestions on how to facilitate positive relations among the two sides. This book is expected to stimulate further exchanges between Chinese and African academia and think tank leaders.


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