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IREN-AICMAR Computer School

Following an MoU signed between IREN and ACK Diocese of Butere, The IREN-AICMAR Computer School is now running. Learn More...

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The 12th IREN Eastern Africa Media Forum
The 12th IREN Eastern Africa Media Forum will draw participation from journalists working and reporting in the development field from Eastern Africa. Learn more...

IREN Signs IT Learning Initiative For Entrepreneurs MoU
Mr. James Shikwati, Founder Director, the Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) and Dr. Tim Wambunya, Bishop, the ACK Diocese of Butere will sign a Memorandum of Understanding to establish an IT Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs Training Center in Bute Learn more...

The 11th Africa Resource Bank Forum: Africa Rising: Myth or Reality?
Recent high growth rates and increased foreign investment in Africa by developed and emerging economies have given rise to the idea that the continent is the next global economic powerhouse Learn more...

East African Thought Leaders Communiqué
Outcomes of the East African Thought Leaders Brainstorming on African Indigenous Games of Strategy in Kampala, Uganda Learn more...

The 3rd IREN Think Tank Forum for Eastern Africa Thought Leaders
The forum is keen to identify and discuss African indigenous games similar to Chess and Chinese “Go.” Learn more...


The 10th Africa Resource Bank Meeting

Dated: 20-06-2012 08:00:00

Theme: The Indian Ocean Rim as a New Frontier: How prepared is Africa?
Date: November 15 – 18, 2012
Venue: Arusha, Tanzania

Oil and gas discoveries in the Eastern African region and the quest for markets in Africa by emerging economies is set to transform the value of The Indian Ocean globally. How are African governments and their people prepared to manage the new-found value along the Indian Ocean rim? What are the socio-political and economic opportunities and threats that await the region?

The objectives of this forum include:-

•To assess Eastern Africa’s level of preparedness to manage its new found wealth
•To evaluate transformative aspects of the regions’ global value proposition
•To analyze the socio-political and economic threats and opportunities for the region

IREN invites interested participants to send a 300 word summary of their proposed presentation to and cc by August 22, 2012.

Participation is by invitation only. Early bird applicants from East Africa will either win travel or accommodation scholarship.

About IREN

Founded in 2001, Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) has organized over 80 high profile forums and hosted over 5,000 delegates from across the globe with varied professional backgrounds. The Africa Resource Bank Meeting (ARB) is one of IREN’s key forums that target policy makers, business leaders, media, industry players and academia, for annual brainstorming sessions on various issues that affect Africa.

Previous ARB brainstorming forums have focused on:- Building Africa Through Trade (2003); Property Rights in the African context (2004); Conquering Poverty in Africa through Business (2005); Turning African People into a Resource (2006); Positioning Africa in the 21st Century (2007); Commercializing Africa’s Resources to Promote Prosperity (2008); Probing Governance and Prosperity in Africa (2009) Africa vs. Developed and Emerging Economies: How to Make Africans Win (2010) and Digital Revolution: Opportunity or threat to Africa? (2011).

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