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Following an MoU signed between IREN and ACK Diocese of Butere, The IREN-AICMAR Computer School is now running. Learn More...

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IREN Signs IT Learning Initiative For Entrepreneurs MoU
Mr. James Shikwati, Founder Director, the Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) and Dr. Tim Wambunya, Bishop, the ACK Diocese of Butere will sign a Memorandum of Understanding to establish an IT Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs Training Center in Bute Learn more...

The 11th Africa Resource Bank Forum: Africa Rising: Myth or Reality?
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East African Thought Leaders Communiqué
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The 3rd IREN Think Tank Forum for Eastern Africa Thought Leaders
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The Indian Ocean as a New Frontier: How Prepared is Africa?

Dated: 20-11-2012 06:00:00

The Indian Ocean Rim boasts of 2.6 billion people with ports that handle 30% of global trade and 50% of global container traffic. The IREN 10th Africa Resource Bank Meeting discussed the Indian Ocean's resurgent economic, energy, cultural and military importance for Africa's development.

Led by Hon. Zaddock M. Syong'oh, Senior Policy Advisor from Kenya's Ministry of Affairs, participants drawn from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Somalia explored ways of how regional integration can serve as an effective tool to prepare Africa to effectively tap into the benefits from the ongoing reorganization in the Indian Ocean Rim. Hon. Syong'oh's presentation focused on regional integration and its implications for value chain propositions for Western Indian Ocean Rim African economies.

Participants assessed the Eastern Africa's level of preparedness to manage its new found wealth; evaluated the transformative aspects of the region's global value proposition and analyzed the socio-political and economic threats and opportunities for the region. The Africa Resource Bank Meeting is one of IREN's key forums that targets policy makers, business leaders, media, industry players and academia for annual brainstorming on topical issues that affect Africa. This event was financially supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation - Africa.

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) will publish the outcomes of this forum in a policy brief for African government policy makers and interested audience.

Mr. Kajuba Michael Wesonga, MD, Sustainable Environment Management Consult Ltd; Uganda

Ms. Wanjiku Manyara, MD, Petroleum Institute of East Africa, Kenya

Hon. Zaddock Syong’oh; Senior Policy Advisor Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Kenya 

Mr James Shikwati. Director, Inter Region Economic Network

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